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What about a possible war
in Iraq

For some time, the question is in the center of the discussions: "Is it necessary to make the war in Iraq ?".

My answer is categorically "NOT" ! For these reasons.

First, I would like to specify that I would never defend the dictatorial government of Saddam Hussein. This government is very corrupt, does not respect the Human Rights and the people suffer enormously from the UNO’s sanctions whereas the leaders of the party live comfortably. Moreover the government is strongly militarized and as in Kuwait, doesn’t hesitate to use the force.

If it was necessary to get rid of Saddam, it was at the time of the last war in the Gulf, but the Americans were too content to have an enemy in this area to maintain a military force. Since September 11, the things changed and the logic of war became the "live reason" for the Bush’s administration. It is necessary to eliminate at all costs everyone who is not in the line of the USA.

Other favors for the Americans: the country owns significant reserves crude oil. This oil is currently blocked by the UNO’s sanctions, which increase the importance of Saudi Arabia and other oil producers. To standardize the Iraqi situation, would weaken the position of the Arabs. Is this point crucial in the G. W. Bush’s attitude? Perhaps not, but it is difficult to believe that it’s any oils thinking about this conflict.

Which would be the consequences of the war?

On the humane level, it would be a catastrophe. A war always leaves behind it some deaths, some casualties and all kinds of miseries. Saddam is unforeseeable and risks to carry in its fall well most of its people. The close countries will see arriving of the thousands of refugees, which is likely to destabilize them.

Far from solving the problem of terrorism, this war is likely to create a feeling of faintness in the Arab world, and at the same time disappointed people will be an easy labor for the terrorist groups, which remain still numerous in the world. Just remember the demonstrations of joy, which have followed the events of September 11 to measure the rancor that exists with respect to the Americans. This kind of behavior is not excusable, but it must be understood on behalf of the Western governments, which of it are partly responsible. Like one says, it does not have smoke without fire. A new war of the Gulf would reinforce this feeling, and increases the risk of attacks.

Which attitude to adopt to solve terrorism?

Firmness of course, one never should yield to the blackmail. But it is necessary to objectively evaluate situation in the Arab world. As long as the Palestinian question will be so badly treated as now, terrorism will increase.

Then, it is necessary to make pressure on the moderated Arab countries to found a form of democracy. Perhaps not like that we know in occident, but a system that associates the freedom and the practice of a religion, which is so significant in local mentality that we let us, not can (and that we probably do not owe) neglect it.

For the hardest governments the situation is more complex. If the carrot is not enough, we leave the stick. It’s well-known! But before the war, there are many forms of diplomacies, which are not yet used. There is recently an international penal court. The leaders who do not follow the elementary rules must be sent into justice. The method is complicated, but the indictment of a leader can develop the opposition. Consequently, if an alternative exists in the country, the situation becomes a little simpler and overthrow the dictator will become possible.

Only here are, the Americans do not want the international court, because they are afraid that some of their leaders could be accused. Policemen of the world, that’s Them, Them only.


For this reasons, I’m opposed with any military intervention in Iraq and which I want to send to all the humanistic statesmen in the world this call:



And us, ordinary citizen, what can we do?

We have to express our dissension to the war and we have to support the reticent governments like France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

We can sign petitions and take part in the demonstration envisaged in several European capitals (Paris, Bern...) on February 15.

If you have a Web site, make like me, add a page about the war in Iraq. The search engines are able to read all our pages, they will be able to index the pages speaking about Iraq and this information will arrive right to the American secret service, these we want to contact!

On a general level, we can massively sign the “Proclamation for Peace” launched for the decade by UNESCO.

I sign the Proclamation 2000 for Peace

You want to react to my text, send to me your comment :

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